How to Add Tron Network on MetaMask – Tutorial

How to Add Tron to MetaMask - Guide

The blooming Tron blockchain’s native token, TRX, is now one of the leading tokens in the crypto world. Contrarily, MetaMask is the ground-breaking, non-custodial e-wallet designed to perform financial operations with different crypto assets on compatible ledgers. Nevertheless, there is a little catch if you seek ways to add the Tron and TRONIX (TRX) token to your personal MetaMask wallet. This wallet holds only tokens generated on the Ethereum network.

In this guide, we answer your questions regarding how to add Tron (TRX) to your digital wallet on MetaMask.

Can I Add The Tron Network (TRC20) To MetaMask?

As the Tron blockchain network is incompatible with MetaMask, you cannot easily add the Tron Network (TRC20) and TRX-its native token, to your MetaMask wallet. That is impossible to add since the Tron Mainnet is not actually an EVM-compatible network. Only ledgers compatible with the EVM can be linked with MetaMask via special custom RPC endpoints.

How To Add Tron (TRX) To MetaMask?

Despite the obstacles, while adding the native TRC20 network to your digital wallet, as the Tron Mainnet is incompatible with MetaMask, you may get the TRX token using a couple of options. One such solution is to add the Binance-Pegged TRX coin to your MetaMask wallet over the network referred to as Binance Smart Chain. Yet, on the BSC, you can only import custom tokens.

If you hesitate to use this method, you may download and configure a Tron-compatible e-wallet to have the native Tron token on your smart device. Both alternative ways to add TRX to MetaMask are explored in detail below.

1’st Method: Use the Binance Smart Chain to Add TRX To Metamask

Option number one to get TRX on your MetaMask virtual wallet is adding the TRX token’s Binance-Peg version to your wallet utilizing the Binance Smart Chain. Whereas it is not the native token TRX used on the network TRC20, it is a coin version referred to as the Binance-Peg. It has the same value as the native token.

The native token fully backs Binance-Pegged assets in reserve, and the reserve addresses are accessible for any user to audit. For example, one token of Binance-Peg TRX holds the identical value as 1 TRX. You may convert the Binance-Peg TRX to the native token using the BSC. See the steps below on how to do it easily.

  • Step 1: Copy the Binance-Pegged TRX correct contract address.

To add the required Binance-Pegged TRX coin to your MetaMask e-wallet, you must enter its contract address. The TRX exact address may be found on the contract page of TRX on BSCScan. The address is “0x85eac5ac2f758618dfa09bdbe0cf174e7d574d5b”. All you need to do is copy that to your device clipboard.

Instead, you may open the Binance-Peg TRX contact page located on BSCScan or the official page of the TRX coin on CoinMarketCap. Now, copy the contract address from there.

  • Step 2: Launch the extension of MetaMask and enter your password.

After, launch the MetaMask extension and, to access your wallet, type the account password. Suppose you use the MetaMask app on your smartphone. Thus, you can easily open your wallet using any accessible biometric key like Face Unlock, fingerprint, PIN, or Face ID.

  • Step 3: Check if Binance Smart Chain is chosen.

As we’re adding Binance-Pegged TRX to MetaMask over the BSC, please check that you have added this network to the wallet and chosen it as the default one. Once you’ve done that, proceed and select it as the default network.

  • Step 4: Click [Import tokens].

After selecting the stated network, scroll down the wallet window and tap on [Import tokens].

  • Step 5: Enter the Contract Address and TAP [Add Custom Token].

Now you can paste the address you copied earlier in the Binance-Peg TRX tokens contract and wait for a little. After that, MetaMask automatically fetches the Ticker and the Token Symbol. When done, hit on [Add Custom Token].

Eventually, click the option [Import Tokens] to add Tron to your virtual wallet. By doing so, you managed to add a TRX token to your wallet on the BSC.


  • Some digital asset exchanges like Binance let you send TRX to an external wallet (such as MetaMask) using several networks. 
  • When sending a TRX token to MetaMask from your Binance account, check that you’ve indicated “BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)” as the chosen network to be deployed for the transaction, or you risk losing funds.

2’nd Method: Download a Tron-compatible Wallet and Install it

As MetaMask is incompatible with the Tron network, an alternative option to hold your TRX coins is to download a digital wallet compatible with the Tron ledger. A few wallets are used with Tron; the recommended option is TronLink. It is an extension for browsers and a mobile app for iOS/Android gadgets.

TronLink is an intuitive decentralized digital wallet fully compatible with the Tron network and all related tokens used in the Tron ecosystem. On TronLink, you can store, receive, send, trade, and swap native tokens TRX. Moreover, you can effortlessly download and set up Tronlink on your smartphone.

  • Step 1: Download the TronLink wallet and Install it on your device.

To deploy the TronLink wallet, you initially need to download and install it on your smart device. For example, to install the TronLink, go to the TronLink site and install the correct e-wallet version.

  • Step 2: Launch TronLink and TAP on [Create wallet].

After installing TronLink on your web browser/gadget, launch the mobile app/extension on your gadget and tap [Create wallet]. Here, tick ‘Yes’ to the User Agreement.

  • Step 3: Create the wallet name and generate a password.

After, create a name for the Tron wallet and think of a password. Then, pick [Create Wallet].

  • Step 4: Back up the phase called secret recovery.

Here, click on [Backup Wallet] and securely store the 12-word hidden recovery phrase, better offline and finalize the verification to finish your wallet setup.

Final Words

Adding Tron to MetaMask takes no effort. Unfortunately, you can’t directly add the native Tron (TRX) to your MetaMask digital wallet as the Tron network is not EVM-compatible. Yet, you can easily add the Binance Peg TRX token to your wallet via the BSC Network. If you want another option, you may use a different e-wallet with network support of the native Tron ecosystem. For instance, the TronLink Wallet is a perfect option for Android/iOS mobile apps.


What are the risks of using MetaMask?

MetaMask is a hot wallet susceptible to theft, fraud, and hacking threats.

Is MetaMask convenient for novices?

The MetaMask wallet is good for new users as the interface is easy to use, and digital assets’ control is easier than in other e-wallets.

What is the Tron network?

Tron is a ledger-based decentralized platform with its token, Tronix or TRX.

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